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Wrap yourself in luxury 💫💗

You can treat yourself with a gold plated wavy ring while staying close to the ocean. This gold plated ring reminds us to the warm summer eve's when the sun kisses the ocean. What is your golden moment? 

at Aloha tip: share your golden moment with us by using #storiesataloha

All you need to know about this ring

Fitting: xs - xl
Colour: Gold
Material: Silver plated with 3 layers of gold 22K
Care: It's a delicate piece so handle with care â™¥ the gold colour may fade after a while. When you wear the gold plated ring in the water the fading may speed up, be aware off this!
Extra info: Each item is made by hand in Indonesia; this ensures that the item can deviate slightly from the photo in details and shape. This is in line with the unique and beachy character of at Aloha. 

Size chart

    • size xs   = Ø 15mm 
    • size s     = Ø 16mm
    • size m    = Ø 17mm
    • size l      = Ø 18mm
    • size xl    = Ø 19mm

Surf it Gold Plated

$59,95 Regular Price
$53,96Sale Price
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